What does it cost to live in Historic Bethlehem?

I’m Diana Hodgson. Join me as I tour a wonderful place to visit and a truly special place to live – Historic Downtown Bethlehem.

The center of the historic district is the original Historic Moravian Bethlehem which dates to 1714.  This part of town has been designated a National Historic Landmark District by the National Park Service.  The historic buildings cover an approximate 14 acre area near Main and Church Streets.  The German Colonial architecture is glorious.  Buildings like the Central Moravian Church,  the Gemeinhaus,  the Colonial Industrial Quarter, the Sister’s house are buildings of cultural significance.  They are in beautiful condition and have been lovingly cared for.

Our vibrant Main Street is the heartbeat of the city.  Visitors from all over the world come to learn about the history of Bethlehem, visit the independent retailers on Main Street,  and enjoy dining at an array of popular restaurants and bars. 

It is important to note that the businesses throughout our downtown are locally and independently owned.  You will not find national brands on Main Street.

The residential properties within the historic district are coveted.  Once a property is listed for sale within the historic district it doesn’t take long for it to sell.  Historic Bethlehem is a place where people want to live!

Within the last 22 months only 15 properties have changed hands.  The average price of a twin home in the Historic district presently, is approximately $380,000.  The average price of a single home in this neighborhood is approx. $710,000.  Within the last 22 months the prices range from $230,000 for a twin to a beautiful home in pristine condition for $1.2 million.  And compared to other parts of the city these prices are much higher.

Most houses have been selling within a week of going up for sale.  Many within a day.  But right now the average days on market for the last 22 months is 30 days.   

The architecture of this area is protected by the city through its Historic Architectural Review Board also known as HARB.  As a resident within the historic district you commit to keeping the exterior your home in its historic condition.  The attention to detail helps to keep values of these home consistent.  And because of their historic significance and the wonderful condition of the homes, this keeps the neighborhood in high demand. 

Historic Bethlehem is an integral part of the overall health of our community. It brings millions of visitors to our city throughout the year, and the revenue that is generated keeps our taxes low, and property values stable.

It is worth noting that our Historic District provides both psychological and educational benefits to our residents.  It creates a sense of community and belonging, and it helps illuminate the history of our city.

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