“Where does the money go?” …or… “When will they cash my check?”

Many first-time and seasoned home buyers will ask me, “Where does the money go from the first deposit check?” and/or “When will they cash my check?” All money given as a deposit for real estate goes into an Escrow Account with the Listing Broker – unless the contract says that it is going to be held in another location.  Escrow accounts must be managed so that they follow the legal requirements of state and federal banking laws and real estate law.  The escrow money is counted as part of your total deposit and will be returned to you at the settlement. In Pennsylvania, an Earnest Money check is made & submitted with the contract when the offer is made.   The earnest money check is a check that proves that you are “earnest or serious ” about the offer that you have made for the property. If your settlement date is within 30 days of the contract date, your check must be a cashier’s check or bank check.  The listing broker needs to be sure that your check will clear the account before settlement which is why the bank check is requested. The listing broker must deposit the check by the end of the next business day into their escrow account as soon as the contract is executed. Execution of the contract means the time when both buyer and seller have come to an agreement about terms of the contract, price for the property and both parties have signed and initialed all changes that had been made to the contract during negotiation. Once you go to settlement your earnest & deposit money will be returned to you and you will use it as part of the money needed to purchase your new house. Congratulations on your new home! Contact me with any real estate questions that you may have at [email protected]

Funny that my blog should start with food…

Good Morning!  I think that it is kind of strange that the first thing that I want to write about it food especially on a real estate blog.  I like real estate, architecture, food, cooking, God, wine, travel, people, bicycling, mystery novels, my husband, my family, my step-kids and granddaughters, art and museums (not necessarily in this order either!) and lots of other stuff.  As I write you will come to know me and the things that make me tick.  So here goes…

Cauliflower Crust

For some time I have been trying to lose weight.  Like every other woman on the planet weight  is something that we work on over a lifetime.  For the years I have been gaining weight…slowly, slowly then SUDDENLY… I looked in the mirror one day and said, “Who’s that woman?  She looks like me but I don’t recognize her.”  Some of you out there can relate, I’m sure.  Anyway, I have taken on the Paleo Diet and have finally been successful at loosing 10 pounds so far (still many, many more pounds to go and that’s ok. Remember, slowly, slowly then Suddenly…)  But in this whole process I have been conscious about keeping 2/3rds of my plate vegetables.  The elimination of all sugar and flour from the diet (and their poisonous concoctions) really helped take the weight off, I think.

So that brings me to today’s subject.  Cauliflower Pizza Crust.  I have seen a lot of  recipes and notes about cauliflower and all of the things that you can make with it.   Recipes like cauliflower rice and all sorts of cauliflower casseroles but one that made me curious was the Cauliflower Pizza Crust.

Ringing out the water from the cooked cauliflower takes a little extra time but the rest of the recipe comes together quickly.  I made the crust as described with the following tweaks:

1. I used a goat cheese that included fresh herbs.

2. I cooked the crust on a piece of parchment paper directly on a pre-heated pizza stone.  The cooking time was reduced in my oven to 30 minutes.

It was topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni and a mixture of Italian cheeses and it was quite tasty.   I hope that you find it as good as we did.  I am looking forward to creating more pizzas with different toppings using the same crust.