We were not meant to live alone – especially as we age.

Over the past 10+ years in my real estate career,  I have helped many older people move.  Helping the elderly move is work that I love and work that I am good at!  Through the years, I have come to the conclusion that God did not make us to live alone, especially as we age.  I know this to be true because I have witnessed blossoming transformations in a person after they have moved into a social setting again.

Whether someone moves into a retirement community, assisted living or nursing care or if they have moved in with other family members, it is the social connection with others that change a person.

True story…. I was asked to help an 85+ woman move from her home.   When I met Ruth she looked tired.  She was living alone in a 4 bedroom home that was much too large for her.  It had a big yard, lots of rooms,  there still was a lawn to cut, oil to buy for the furnace, windows to scrape and repaint.  All too much work and upkeep especially at 85+ years old.

After we sold her house and she moved into independent living, I went for a visit.  Ruth’s transformation was astounding!  Her cheeks were literally rosy, her eyes had a bright sparkle and she wore a big smile on her face.  When I asked how was she doing she said, “Oh Diana I’m having so much fun meeting new people everyday.”  When I commented that I thought that she looked so much healthier she smiled and said, “The food is so good here that I think I may have put on some weight.”

We want the people who we love to be happy, healthy and living independently if they that is what they want.  We encourage them to move out of the big home into a place where they can be safe, social again, eat regularly and meet other people.  It can be a big transition sometimes but it is so worth the effort!

I was so happy to see Ruth sparkle with joy.  It made my heart happy to know that I had helped her through her transition.

Neighborhoods – Edgeboro – Edgeboro Manor – Edgeboro Annex

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ9F18qlMX4&w=560&h=315]

Edgeboro, Edgeboro Manor and Edgeboro Annex are all neighborhoods located in the northeast part of Bethlehem city.  Outlined by streets like Easton Avenue, Linden Street,  Washington Avenue, Jennings Street, Elmhurst Avenue and Walters Street respectively, these neighborhoods were established in the 1920’s and homes were built well into the 50’s & 60’s. Generally the houses in the Edgeboro section of the neighborhood are between 2000-4000 square feet.  Homes located in Edgeboro Manor and Annex can be smaller but not necessarily much smaller. Much of the architecture consists of well built brick and stone homes on tree lined streets.  In Spring all of the ornamental trees bloom in an array of glorious color like in this photo.  IMG_1211The wide boulevards & streets are lined with mature sycamore trees, oaks and maples. On a hot Summer day it is always so nice to be in the shade of these fantastic trees. IMG_1209IMG_1210

The neighborhoods are serviced by well established local family-run businesses.  Some of these establishments are: Martellucci’s famous for their pizza pies & delicious Italian food. Martellucci Sign The CupThe Bethlehem Dairy Store – also known as “The Cup” serves cold, creamy & delicious ice cream.  nuts About Ice CreamMore ice cream can be found at Nuts About Ice Cream.   This is where you can find fantastic & exotic flavors like Saffron Pistachio and Kulfi.  This ice cream parlor has been serving ice cream & treats to the students and citizens of Bethlehem for more than 27 years. Vegan TreatsThe very popular Vegan Treats supplies the Lehigh Valley and many more restaurants and communities in NYC with their amazing vegan baked delicacies.  Take a look at the web page to see the beautiful concoctions that the proprietor Danielle and her staff create.  AMAZING!

A locally owned & operated food store is The Valley Farm Market which offers fresh vegetables, meats and sundries.

On your way to these fine local business you will probably drive by the national chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s and Burger King.  There are the national chain stores nearby each of these neighborhoods.  So if you are looking for  Kentucky Fried Chicken, a Wawa hoagie, or a Subway sandwich it is available not far away!

A Quick Snapshot of March 2015 Lehigh Valley Real Estate Market…

As of March 2015 – (change)                                         YTD 2015 – (change)

Closed Sales      514 properties   (+19.0%)                         1,253 (+12.9%)

Days on Market     82 (+3.8%)                                                   80 (+5.3%)

Median Sales Price     $163,155 (+5.3%)                        $159,450 (0.9%)

Average Sales Price    $188,060 (+9.4%)                    $183,191 (+4.0%)

% of List Price received     95.9% (0.0%)                            95.8% (.02%)

Months of inventory for March 2015 = 5.8   (-15.9%)

(6 months of inventory is considered an even market)

If you would like know more about these numbers in your neighborhood, give me a call! Or if you have any other real estate related question, I am here to help! Call me at: 610-417-1174 or send me an email to:  Diana@RedHeadAgent.com