How To Be A Morning Person

Are you wishing that you could become one of those rare morning people? The peeps that wake up feeling refreshed & energized, get in the morning workout or wrap up some work.

Here are five tips to help you achieve that early bird status!

  1. Create a morning schedule. Write down the things you’d like to complete in the morning, set a time for each – stick with it. Once you have gotten out of bed early for one or two weeks consistently, you’ll find it gets easier to do.
  2. Let the light in. Natural or artificial, light tells your brain its time to get up and get going. If your bedroom does not have large windows where you can open the blinds up, consider a timed lamp or a alarm clock with a light.
  3. Prep and eat breakfast. Many of us who chose to skip breakfast, this is the key to perking up your energy in the morning. By prepping protein-focused meals the night before or you can grab a yogurt or fruit to consume it right after you wake.
  4. Get your body moving. Short walk around your neighborhood or spin class, getting your blood pumping will wake up your body, it also has a ton of other benefits, like stress & anxiety reduction.
  5. Feed your mind. Stimulate your brain, do something you enjoy first thing in the morning by reading your favorite book, daily meditation, or setting intentions.

Good Morning

Moving into your new home tips….

Moving into your new home is an exciting time, you are probably dreaming about painting, décor, and new furniture. Before you start all that fun stuff, here are a few basic tasks you should take care of first.

You may want to have an exterminator come to take care of any mice, insects, and other critters that may be hiding in your home.

Change your locks it is so worth the money to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no one else has the keys to your home. You can change them yourself if you are handy or you can call a locksmith to come in to change your locks.

Cleaning the kitchen wash the inside of cabinets, pantry, clean out the refrigerator, clean the oven, and clean in the nooks and crannies underneath the appliances.

Cleaning your new home

Cleaning your flooring; hardwood, tile, and steam clean the carpets so that your floors are free of stains and allergens. You can rent a steam cleaner—your local grocery or have the carpets cleaned professionally.

Homeowners Must Have Tools!

Tools that you may need from time to time in your home…

When you own your home, things are going to break…if don’t want to spend your money on a handyman, you’re going to need to fix them yourself. You really do not need a lot of tools to handle most home maintenance fixes.

Here are five tools that will cover most of your basic projects.

  1. Cordless drill. A cordless drill is a must-have…great for installing cabinets, drawer pulls, hinges, picture frames, shelves and hooks, and so much more.
  2. Drain cleaners. Shower and bathroom sink drains could get clogs due to the daily buildup of hair and whisker clippings.
  3. Shop-vac. Great for spills, sometimes accidents will happen that paper towels or your vacuum can’t handle like pet messes or broken glass.
  4. Loppers. Even the minimum amount of care for your landscaping will require some loppers to remove damaged branches, vines, thick weeds, and any other unruly plants in your yard.
  5. Flashlight.  Flashlight is great to have handy for when you’re in the crawlspace or attic!